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is Our Business.

150K+ Merchants

As the number grows steadily and daily, it says a story of convenience and endless transaction possibilities.

3 M+ Users

An unprecedented number of users and growing daily, as a result of the trust we have established with the public.

12 Years of Experience

More than a decade of service, experience and fraud data helps us to anticipate future cyber-crimes and scams

Transactions Start with Trust

Collaboration begins from building a bond of trust between two involving parties so both will support and collaborate towards a common goal. We believe that the success of your business, is also our business. Owning a reliable and secure payment solution that ensures every transaction you make is successful!

Powering Businesses

We support economic growth by pushing the time spent for each transaction through an online payment system that automatically opens new market opportunities. It is time to take control to reach success in your business with an experienced partner that provides solution for your business to skyrocket!

Think Beyond Payments

An innovative transaction solution is a consistent step conducted by DOKU to increase awareness and understanding of people of a cashless world. Through our Collaborative Commerce, we partner with the communities and non-cash activities to accomplish a dynamic and productive relationships. This is our way to manifest a Cashless Society that is creative and with the freedom to move independently.

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