DOKU MERCHANT is an online payment solution for entrepreneurs, start-ups as well as individual sellers that engage in business over social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. The DOKU solution can also be applied on small, medium-sized enterprises as a simple and trustworthy online payment instrument.  

Q: What kind of payment methods will be accepted by a DOKU merchant?

DOKU currently accepts VISA and MasterCard credit cards, DOKU E-Wallet, ATM Transfer, KlikPay BCA and the Alfagroup network like Alfamart, Alfa Midi, DAN+DAN, and Lawson.

Q:Why Do You Need to Change Your Password?

You may feel that your account is well protected with the password that you created long time ago considering the character combination is (assumed to be) enough. Maybe you even use the same password to access several accounts both in the internet and your personal hardwares. However, you will never know when someone else gets your password and start logging into your account or your hardwares.

Your account in DOKU provides your business data and authorisation towards some financial decisions involving money in your private account or company account. As scary as it sounds, once the user is using your account for criminal purposes, our system will see that the event happened under your name. Hence, you will be accused for the criminal action that you did not do. Also apply for your personal account. You may experience financial lost because of this one click action to change password.

Q:Why Old Password Variants are Not Acceptable to Use in DOKU?

People are compromised by their habits. You have no idea if someone is observing your daily habits and predict what you will do next for a criminal purpose. This can happen for your password as well. Once someone learns your password, if you have used a variant of that password, it is not going to take much more than a few minutes for that person to guess your new password and break into your account.



Q: Can individual participants join DOKU MERCHANT?

Individual users can register on DOKU MERCHANT.

Q: What kind of documents will be required for the registration process?

Individual applicants can simply submit their ID card and Tax Identification Number. Corporate applicants need to submit their Business Permit, Personal ID and Tax Identification Number. 

Q: What kind of solutions does DOKU MERCHANT provide?

DOKU MERCHANT has a payment link solution that can be embedded on social media like Facebook, Twitter, forums, blogs, etc. You can even place it in an email.  DOKU MERCHANT also has a website that comes integrated with API and available plug-ins.



Payment Link

Q: How does the DOKU Merchant Payment Link work?

Simply by registering you can start selling using the Payment Link. After you resgistered and have been verified, then you can begin putting in your product details on DOKU and obtain the link that can be embedded across various online media. We will be verifying your product within a maximum of 2 hours.

Q:  How many payment links/products will we get?

DOKU MERCHANT does not put a limit on the amount of buttons or products; use as many as you would like.

Q: Can individual users use DOKU?

Both individual and corporate users can use DOKU; if you would like to upgrade to the business account, then you would need to disclose your company data.

Q: Does the Payment Link also provide stock, size options, color options etc.?  

The Payment Link is an online payment system, not an online shop, thus we would only be facilitating stocks and information.


Website Integration

Q: What if I already have my own website?

If the website already has a shopping cart solution, you would only have to integrate your website, easily and instantly.

Q: Are there plug-ins available?

We have a complete array of plug-ins which we constantly update; the list is as follows:

  • Prestashop
  • Magento
  • OpenCart
  • WP Commerce
  • Woocommerce
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Virtuemart
  • Shopify

Q: Can DOKU MERCHANT be integrated with a local platform?

We currently have partnerships with a number of local website platforms, such as:


Q: Does DOKU MERCHANT provide SANDBOX for integration?

We have environments that you could try. Please register, then select WEBSITE, then follow the integration steps; the entire integration test phases can be viewed on "LOG MONITORING" as a  medium to monitor transactions on environment testing. If the entire tests have been successfully completed, please proceed to the next step, which is website activation to verify live production.  

Q: How safe are transactions made via DOKU MERCHANT?

DOKU is a PCI DSS Level 1-certified Payment Gateway - the highest level of certification in the payment gateway industry. Moreover,  we are also supported by a verification team as well as a 24-hour security system with DOKU Fraud Screening whereas all these safety features are provided by DOKU MERCHANT at no additional charge.  

Q: What kind of verification does DOKU MERCHANT do?

DOKU MERCHANT conducts 2 types of verification:

  • Merchant Verification: This applies when a merchant registers; the verification takes a maximum of 2x 24 hours.
  • Product Verification: This process applies when there are products added to the payment link; this type of verification takes a maximum of 2 hours.


Fund Disbursement

Q: How long will it take for the fund to be disbursed?

Fund disbursements take a  maximum of 3-5 days, whereas on the third day (at the longest), we will receive the money from the Bank, on the fourth day we will conduct reconciliation, and on the fifth day we’ll disburse the funds.

Q: Will a transaction be considered successful on the fifth day?

Transactions classified as successful can be viewed on DOKU’s BO in real-time and we will send you an email in real-time at the commencement of a new transaction.

Q: Will there be transfer fees charged for the disbursement?

Yes, we will bill you with ongoing transfer fees if your bank account is not a Mandiri or BCA bank account.


Fee Cuts

Q: How much does it cost?

DOKU MERCHANT has two types of services:


Payment Method

Managed by DOKU


DOKU Wallet



Credit Cards

Visa, MasterCard, JCB

3% + Rp. 2,500 DOKU Fee

MDR from Bank + Rp. 2,500 DOKU Fee

Bank Transfer

ATM Bersama, Prima, Alto

Rp. 4,500

Rp. 4,500

Internet Banking

BCA Klikpay, BRI e-Pay, Mandiri Clickpay, Mandiri BillPayment, Danamon, Muamalat and PermataNet

Rp. 5,000

Bank Fee + Rp. 2,500 DOKU Fee


AlfaMart, Alfa Midi, Alfa Express, DAN+DAN, Lawson

Rp. 5,000

Rp. 5,000

Q: How do you calculate a transaction?

All fees are accumulated from each transaction fee comprising the total transaction fees (including shipping and administrator’s fees).

Q: Can the fee be reduced?

We are already highly competitive with our fees, however, if the transaction is substantial, there will be special programs available, like cash back, promotions and others.

Q: Is there a Set-up Fee or Monthly Fee?

No, we will not charge you for set-up or monthly fee; sign up and try it now; we will only be soliciting fees is there is a transaction.

Q: Are there any additional fees?

No, only the transaction fee; howeverm we will impose an additional transfer charge if your account is not BCA or Mandiri.

Q: Do I need to have advanced programming skills?

No. To be able to receive an online payment with a credict card you would only have to insert several lines of HTML codes into your website. The process would only take you approximately 10 minutes.  

Q: Who will be responsible for any Charge Backs?

DOKU keeps a close monitor on all problematic transactions and will immediately alert you on any suspicious activities; and it is the merchant’s right to cancel or to proceed with the transaction. Therefore, DOKU will not be responsible for any Charge Backs. We will immediately notify you via email in the case of a Charge  Back or a problem with a customer. You are also expected to immediately resolve the issue with the customer in question.